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Armored Alchemist[edit | edit source]

An Alchemist built to be a frontline fighter as well, using both his alchemical skills as well as prowess at arms to stay alive.

With the Alchemist class, he can use items to create magical effects, called Evocations. While there aren't a lot of Evocations that directly damage an opponent, there are quite a few that can be used to increase the abilities of himself and other party members, as well as indirectly hinder any foes.

Work Skills[edit | edit source]

Work skills are the abilities a character may have outside of the rigorous jobs of adventurers, and correspond to a number of various occupations. For example, the Armorer skill allows a character to be an Armorer, giving them the ability to know how to forge pieces of metal together in order to become a cohesive whole piece of armor, as well as sewing various leathers and fabrics together to provide defense to those who cannot wear metal armor. There are a number of other Work Skills, such as House Keeper, Dancer and Sailor to name but a few.

Named Monsters[edit | edit source]

"Centipede Man" Nafnalenan[edit | edit source]

A former Androscorpion, his lower half was turned into a centipede after he had died and been resurrected. Ever since, he has been wandering the world, hoping to find a way to restore his former appearance.

"Floating Paradise" Totragagaan[edit | edit source]

A huge Iron Turtle said to have been alive since before the Great Catastrophe. From a distance, it appears to be a large hill or a small island, and very few have seen its whole body. Legend has it that there is a strange pattern on its shell, and this pattern is a map that leads to untold riches once decoded.

"Fallen Angel" Lazarus[edit | edit source]

Persecuted from a young age, this human-born Nightmare devoted his life to the God of War, Dalkhrem. Having acquired an ancient staff from before the fall of the Durandal, he has a large army of loyal Barbarous soldiers at his side. Though he currently has a small kingdom in the wilderness, he awaits an opportunity to seek revenge on the civilized races for driving him out.

"Mourning Toll of the Void Bell" Morsadar[edit | edit source]

A Dullahan Lord riding a special skybike. If a Dullahan is defeated without being able to carry out it's sentence of death on a target, it is said that Morsadar will come to fulfill the sentence. It is said that when the silver bell where its head is begins to ring, death is sure to come to all who can hear it.