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0. Introduction

1. Characters
Sentian Priests

2. Myths and Legends
"The Primordial Gods"
"The Sorrow of Elpuce"
"The Gods of Liquor and Gold: The Foundation of Civilization"
"The Etiquette of the God of Knights"
"The Mercy and Compassion of the Moon God Sien"
"Skanda and the Sun"
"The First Ordeal of the God of War"
"Gods of Treachery"
"Encounter with the God of Sleep"
"Kilhia's Journey"
"War of the Gods"
"Intervention of the Cardian Gods"
"Wagil and Ishinani's Encounter"
"The Fall of Cardia"
"The Age of Blessed Rain"
"The Malice of Thorndark"
"The Day My Friend Became a God"
"Fraxis' Improvised Poems: A Study"
"The Maiden Who Brought Smiles and Happiness"
"Metissier, the God Who Reigns Over Life"
"Demonic Faiths"
"Dressing in the Garb of the Righteous"
"Poem of Hulle, the Sword God"
"This Young Man Aimed to be an Instrument of the Faith, Instead Became a God"
"The Law of Appeasement"
"The Gods Go Deep Sea Fishing"
"The Twin Goddesses of Sanctions still Fight Each Other"
"Teachings of Love"
"Landscape of Siblings"
"Bitter Medicine"

3. Gods of Raxia
The Gods of Raxia
Divine Power and Spheres of Influence
Faith and the Effects of Divine Magic
Commentary on the Gods and their Specialized Divine Magic
Lyphos, the Divine Ancestor (Lumiere - Ancient God)
Tidan, God of the Sun (Lumiere - Ancient God)
Asteria, Goddess of Fairies (Lumiere - Ancient God)
Grendal, the Blazing Emperor (Lumiere - Ancient God)
Elpuce, Goddess of Spinning (Lumiere - Ancient God)
Gamel, God of Money (Lumiere - Ancient God)
Sien, Goddess of the Moon (Lumiere - Major God)
Sacaros, God of Drinking (Lumiere - Major God)
Zaiya, God of Knights (Lumiere - Major God)
Fetor, Goddess of Blessed Rain (Lumiere - Major God)
Skanda Latocles (Lumiere - Minor God: Terastier Continent)
Twin Goddesses of Sanctions (Lumiere - Minor God: Feidan Region)
Simurgh, the Dragon God (Lumiere - Minor God: Procelsia Region)
Hulle, The Sword God (Lumiere - Minor God: Zalts Region)
Luferia, Goddess of Water (Lumiere - Minor God: Feidan Region)
Lills, the Fused God (Lumiere - Minor God: Zalts Region)
Ethelphine, Goddess of the Iron Hammer (Lumiere - Minor God: Cienaquerass Region)
Kilhia, God of Wisdom (Cardia - Ancient God)
Ulyssekaloa, Goddess of Victory (Cardia - Ancient God)
Khus, God of Concealment (Cardia - Major God)
Eckezaka, God of Education (Cardia - Minor God: Procelsia Region)
Nilda, Goddess of Clothing (Cardia - Minor God: Zalts Region)
Reparal, God of Machines (Cardia - Minor God: Leanschenk Region)
Maxim, God of Blades (Cardia - Minor God: Cienaquerass Region)
Dalkhrem, God of War (Ignis - Ancient God)
Zaargias, God of Death (Ignis - Ancient God)
Thorndark, God of Lies (Ignis - Ancient God)
Bragzabas, Goddess of Decay (Ignis - Major God)
Lu Lode, God of Wanderers (Ignis - Major God)
Metissier, the Immortal God (Ignis - Major God)
Kaorlupte, Goddess of Sleep (Ignis - Major God)
Wagil-Ishinani, God of Intrigue (Ignis - Major God)
Fraxis, God of Darkness and Fog (Ignis - Major God)
Armes, God of Appeasement (Ignis - Minor God: Feidan Region)
Va'Chon, God of the Sea Breeze (Ignis - Minor God: Agia Region)
Temerio, God of Poisons and Medicine (Ignis - Minor God: Feidan Region)
Laris, the Mad God (Major God)
Nicola, the Witch of the Judgement Dragon (Lumiere - Major God)
Luihua, the Symbiotic God (Lumiere - Minor God: Liezen Region)
Nidisnio, God of Discord (Ignis - Major God)
Curiadral, God of Absorption (Ignis - Minor God: Anon Region)
Riithan, God of Communication (Lumiere - Minor God: Feidan Region)
Yzmaia, Unrelenting Amazon (Ignis - Minor God: Agia Region)
Maar, Goddess of the Tides (Lumiere - Minor God: Cienaquerass Region)
Jaje, Pastoral God (Lumiere - Minor God: Zalts Region)
Nairn, Goddess of Temptations (Ignis - Minor God: Fairy Garden)

4. Items
Weapon Lists
Armor Lists
General Equipment/Consumables/Meals/Etc.
Adventurer Class Items
Adventurer Tools
Adventurer Tools (Consumables)
Item Descriptions

Designer's Notes
Staff List