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0. Opening

1. Character

New Races
- Newman (Found in CR1)
- Miakis
- Dark Dwarf
- Vulcan (Found in BB)
Additional Backgrounds
Revised Combat Feats
Combat Feat Chart
Combat Feat Details
Additional Languages
Experience Growth

2. World
The Secret behind Raxia’s Creation Myth
The Children of Ignis
The Influence of Ignis and the Development of Magic
Race Description
- Human
- Elf
- Dwarf
- Tabbit
- Runefolk
- Nightmare
- Lildraken
- Grassrunner
- Newman
- Miakis
- Drake
- Dark Troll
- Lamia
- Lycanthrope
- Kobold
- Vulcan
- Dark Dwarf
Races of "Cardia Grace"
- Shadow
- Fey
- Fluorite
- Weakling
- Dhampir
Mixed Races

3. Magic of Manipulating Fiends
Conjurers and Golems
Fairy Tamer and Fairies
Warlocks and Daemons

4. Monsters
How to read Golem Data
About Daemon Data
How to read daemon Data