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1. Characters

Guide for playing Barbarous PCs (WIP)

2. Barbarous Biology

Lower-Level Monsters
"The Slaughterer"
"Mighty Barbarous"
"The Created One"
"The Plagiarist"
"The Proud Warrior"
"The Grotesque Warrior"
"The Disguised"
"The Cunning Predator"
"The Mighty Ruler"
"The Immortal"
"Heaven and Earth"
"The Colossal Ones"
"The Water Dwellers"
"The Cursed Beauty"
"The Masters of Magic"
"The Singers"
"Guardians of the Demigods"

3. Scenarios

Creating Barbarous Scenarios
Sample Scenario "Creeping Ambition"

4. Rules and Data

Heritor Class (WIP)